About Us

  • The CU Times TechCenter will provide credit union executives with the resources to not only make sense of their options, but also to understand how to choose and implement the right solutions for their credit union.
  • Our Mission:

    The level of technology innovation is difficult to keep on top of for credit union executives. Technological disruptions are happening in the financial space at a rapid pace. The CU Times TechCenter will provide a new level of tech savviness for credit union executives to apply to their business in the form of guides, trends, applications and executive profiles to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Daily and weekly stories from the CU Times TechCenter editorial team:

    • Mobile Banking:

      Our editorial team will report on what’s happening inside the mobile banking world and what mobile banking can do for your members. We will look at the tech trends and app updates to help attract new members to your credit union experience and culture through their smartphones.

    • FinTech:

      We explore tech trends to provide exciting insights for strategically implementing and investing in technology, and maybe even find a few tech companies with which you should be doing business.

    • Cybersecurity:

      Keep you informed of what the regulatory agencies have coming down the pike to protect your members’ data and of processes and technology that can keep your credit union safe on the digital front, as well as data recovery.

    • Payments:

      The latest in payments technology being applied in new ways. From NFC to ATMs to EMV, our team will report on the payments trends and provide expert analysis from industry leaders. We will look at how new payment tech can help with credit union revenue growth and membership connections.

If you have any story ideas, please reach out to mogden@cutimes.com